Beyond The Fog – A Nature Video Exploring Cape Cod Images and Landscapes

by Bill Hartzell

I’ve been having a lot of fun recently putting together some music videos.  I used iMovie to sequence together the photos.  With the Ken Burns effect you almost forget that you’re looking at still pictures rather than video.

The ambient music track I put together for this video includes some processed guitar along with two tracks sequenced synths using Thor from Reason. I actually used the random function in the sequencer of Thor to create a type of random music generator. I was going for something similar to the Bloom iPhone app. I think it turned out nice.

The photos were taken by my dad while on vacation in Cape Cod, MA. The music was very inspired by the fog rolling out in the morning. The images have a very light, ethereal quality to them that I wanted to evoke in the music. I’ve always found peaceful landscape photography inspiring so I think I’m going to start producing some more of these videos.

Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your feedback.

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