Pulsar GenRec T4 – A SoundSavant Music Video

So you may have caught on to this by now but, I am making a music video for each of the tracks from my latest CD, Interstellar Drones & Soundscapes. Here’s the next one for the track, Pulsar GenRec T4. You’ll notice that this is a very short track, really more of a vignette than […]

The Bells Of Galaxy 13

Here’s the newly completed video for The Bells of Galaxy 13, a piece from my latest CD release, “Interstellar Drones & Soundscapes”: Most of this piece was created using variations of a field recording I did of wind chimes (the same wind chime recording I used for The Fall And The Rise Of It).  The […]

Beyond The Fog – A Nature Video Exploring Cape Cod Images and Landscapes

I’ve been having a lot of fun recently putting together some music videos.  I used iMovie to sequence together the photos.  With the Ken Burns effect you almost forget that you’re looking at still pictures rather than video. The ambient music track I put together for this video includes some processed guitar along with two […]