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Category: Music Video

Making Music On My iPad With Soundrop

I can’t remember how I ran across it but I’ve had the Soundrop app on my iPad for a few months now.  As you can see in the video below, it’s really more of  a game than a music-making app.

Using the sound harvesting techniques I outlined in a previous post, I’ve been recording the output of my Soundrop sessions to create some raw source material for my music and sound design projects.  Tonally, Soundrop is a one-trick-pony.  You either enjoy the mallet sounds or not.

Sound Harvesting 101

Although I certainly understand how to create sounds from scratch using various synthesis techniques, I usually prefer to begin my sound design sessions with actual sound recordings. I’m just drawn to the natural randomness of an organic sound. One of my favorite things in the world to do is something I call Sound Harvesting. Think of it as sonic free association. Once you understand the concept you’ll never be lacking for great source material ever again, I promise!

The Fall and the Rise of it

Here is a new music video I just put together.  All of the source sounds for this piece came from a single wind chime.  The majority of the signal processing was done using Sound Hack.  I can’t remember everything I did but there was obviously some time-stretching and varispeed effects going on.  Once I had all of my signal processing done I loaded everything into Pro Tools for the final mix and mastering.