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Category: Personal Development

5 Things My Dad Taught Me About Living A Successful Life


Note:  I originally wrote this article intending to post it on a different site.  It wasn’t about music so I didn’t think it belonged on  But after I thought some about it I realized that it made sense to use it here.  I view as my personal site.  I should be able to talk about things beyond music every once in  awhile.  In the end, the person I am ends up in the music I make so it all comes full circle anyway.  I hope you enjoy this.

Most of us have a mentor, someone that’s there for us as we grow up and show us what being a successful adult is all about.  Sometimes it’s a teacher or a neighbor but most often it’s a family member.  In my case, it was my dad.  Even though it’s been several years since he passed away, I still reflect almost daily on the life lessons I learned from him.  Possibly the most important thing he taught me is that the key to a successful life can be broken down into 5 simple ideas.