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Category: Pro Tools

Making Music On My iPad With Soundrop

I can’t remember how I ran across it but I’ve had the Soundrop app on my iPad for a few months now.  As you can see in the video below, it’s really more of  a game than a music-making app.

Using the sound harvesting techniques I outlined in a previous post, I’ve been recording the output of my Soundrop sessions to create some raw source material for my music and sound design projects.  Tonally, Soundrop is a one-trick-pony.  You either enjoy the mallet sounds or not.

The Fall and the Rise of it

Here is a new music video I just put together.  All of the source sounds for this piece came from a single wind chime.  The majority of the signal processing was done using Sound Hack.  I can’t remember everything I did but there was obviously some time-stretching and varispeed effects going on.  Once I had all of my signal processing done I loaded everything into Pro Tools for the final mix and mastering.