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Heading Off In A Slightly New Direction

The times they are a-changin.  What I mean is that I’ve focused all of my creative energies this year into one main direction, learning how to write music for TV/Film.  I thought I’d take a second and catch you up on how this change in direction has been going.

Writing Music for TV/Film

I don’t really buy into New Year’s resolutions but the one main goal I had for myself this year was to focus on writing music for media, specifically TV/Film.  I knew this would be a major undertaking so I didn’t put any time expectations on it.  I simply committed myself to learning how to write and record music specifically for use in TV/Film.

What brought this about?  Well, some of the most common feedback I get from people that hear my music is that it sounds like “film music”.  I think there are a couple of reasons for this:

  • I write instrumental music.
  • My music tends to be electronic, dark and ambient which is a genre that is used quite often in popular TV shows like CSI, How To Get Away With Murder, Mr. Robot, etc…
  • My music tends to evoke very specific moods and feelings in the listener.  Again, something that successful TV/Film music should excel at.

After hearing this type of feedback for years on end I decided that this was the year I would bite the bullet and seriously pursue a part-time career as a TV/Film composer.  I’ll be sharing my experiences here on this blog.  I hope you enjoy the journey!