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Making Music On My iPad With Beatwave

I’ve had an iPad since July and have been making some cool music with it these past few months.  I’ve found some apps that I really enjoy so I thought I’d share my thoughts on them, as well as some sounds, loops and music that I’ve made.

Screenshot of a Beatwave sessionBeatwave

The very first music-making app I ran across when I was exploring the App Store for the first time was Beatwave.  With an interface very similar in design to the Yamaha Tenori-On, Beatwave is essentially a 4-part multi-timbral step sequencer.  I found it to be a very intuitive app.  I was up and making music on my iPad in literally seconds.  The free version has a very limited sound set but the $7.99 upgrade to Beatwave Pro gives you a whole bunch of new sounds that I’ve found very inspiring.

15 Fun Ways to Freak Out Your Sounds

I don’t know about you but I am always looking for new and exciting sounds to use in my music and sound design projects. I suppose I could invest in a bunch of sample libraries but that feels like cheating. I have way too much fun making my own sounds to give that responsibility up to someone else. How do I do it? Here are 15 ideas to get the creativity rolling.