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Pulsar GenRec T4 – A SoundSavant Music Video

So you may have caught on to this by now but, I am making a music video for each of the tracks from my latest CD, Interstellar Drones & Soundscapes. Here’s the next one for the track, Pulsar GenRec T4.

You’ll notice that this is a very short track, really more of a vignette than a song.  I have three tracks like this on the CD.  I see these short vignettes as aural “palette cleansers”.  I use them to sort of “reset” the listener’s brain after having listened to 10-15 minutes of drone-y goodness.  Take a listen:

Technically, what you’re hearing was created using granular synthesis controlled by stochastic musical processes.  I created this years ago so my memory may be failing me but I’m pretty sure I used Cecilia to generate the samples for this piece.

Cecilia is a very cool piece of software that I would suggest any sound designer check out.  It’s actually a graphical front-end for Csound.  This is great because even though I would never take the time to learn how to code in Csound, I can still access its power and features using a GUI similar to other audio software that instantly makes sense to me.

I plan on recording some instructional videos in the near future showing how I use Cecilia.  I’ll be putting them up on my YouTube channel.  In fact, you might want to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss them.

BTW, I’ve had some questions about what software I use to make my music videos.  The answer is that I use ScreenFlow 4 for all of my screencasting and video editing.  It’s Mac-only but a similar software that is available for Windows machines would be Camtasia.  They’re both very nice apps that I would recommend to anyone.

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