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The Bells Of Galaxy 13

Here’s the newly completed video for The Bells of Galaxy 13, a piece from my latest CD release, “Interstellar Drones & Soundscapes”:

Most of this piece was created using variations of a field recording I did of wind chimes (the same wind chime recording I used for The Fall And The Rise Of It).  The other element I used was a Reaktor patch.

As I tend to do, I performed some extreme time/pitch-shifting with SoundHack on the wind chimes to arrive at what you hear.  It’s always been my “go-to” piece of software when I’m looking to seriously mess up audio.

Here are the other videos from this CD that I’ve finished so far:

Expanding Space And Time

The Fall And The Rise Of It

If you liked this song you can buy it “on the cheap” right here:

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