The Fall and the Rise of it

Here is a new music video I just put together.  All of the source sounds for this piece came from a single wind chime.  The majority of the signal processing was done using Sound Hack.  I can’t remember everything I did but there was obviously some time-stretching and varispeed effects going on.  Once I had all of my signal processing done I loaded everything into Pro Tools for the final mix and mastering.

I’m really enjoying putting these music videos together.  iMovie makes it so simple.  All of the photos in this video were taken by my father, Larry Hartzell.  He had a real talent and passion for nature photography.  Obviously, I had a lot of fun processing his photos with Gimp to make them fit the mood of the music.  If you aren’t familiar with Gimp you should check it out.  It’s open-source photo editing software.  Think of it as a poor man’s Photoshop.  Very cool.

I plan on discussing Sound Hack in future posts.  I also have another video in the works where I explain and demonstrate my process for harvesting sound so stay tuned for that.  As always, feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

If you liked this track you can buy it “on-the-cheap” right here:

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