Now we’re getting somewhere. This is the March addition to my “Music for My Wife” series. If you’d like the background on this series of music just scroll back to the January post.

What I’m working on…

I’ve been working all month to finish a new 12-track album of Dark Tension Cues. The tentative title is “Ethical Decisions”. My hope is that I’ll be able to send it off to my prospective music library before the end of March. It’s coming together nicely and I’m very excited about it. More to come…but […]

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February – Music for My Wife

Here’s February’s song for my wife. If you’d like to know that background on this project just scroll back to January’s post. Enjoy! February 2020 by SoundSavant

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I made a commitment to myself to participate in #Jamuary2020. As stated by Cuckoo:“The idea with Jamuary is to get going with what you have, and to help get comfortable sharing and performing little jams, and to get to know each other and appreciate what everyone is doing in the electronic music independent scene. Post […]

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